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    1. Welcome to Suzhou Origin
      TEL:+86 512 6593 0255丨 contact@riginalwater.com
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      ABOUT US

      We, Suzhou Origin Environmental Protection and Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Reverse Osmosis membrane manufacturer. We are located in a beautiful typical Chinese city Suzhou where is adjacent to Shanghai. We dedicate to supply better solutions of reverse osmosis technology for the water treatment. The flat sheets we cooperate with are world-class brands Hydranautics and DOW. 

      Our R&D, technical team and admin team have over 10 years experience in this industry. So far we made a good progress for the local high-end market. We are confident for supplying our customers good and reliable performance with competitive price. We are a developing company with an energetic team. 

      Company Milestone

      January 26 2016, Suzhou Origin was established. Meanwhile, built the strategy business partnership with Hydranautics. 

      April 2016, became the membrane supplier for Joyoung.  

      August 2016, built the strategy business partnership with Gree.

      February 2017, built the strategy business partnership with Robam. 

      July 2017, invented special membrane production technology to improve the production efficiency and resolve the small size with big flow rate. 

      May 2018, became the membrane supplier of big flow rate for Pentair China. 

      December 2018, invented the solution of "the First Cup of Water with High TDS" for the water system without storage tank. 

      March 2019, was named "Jiangsu Province High-Tech Company". 

      May 2019, was rated as "China Reliable Products Manufacturer". 

      November 2019, built the strategy business partnership with DOW. 

      To be continued...... 

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      Suzhou Origin Environmental Protection and Technology Co., Ltd.
      Add.: NO.11 Xuchen Road, SND, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 215000
      Tel.:+86 512 6593 0255
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